Ninewells Cambridge the landscape
Ninewells Cambridge the landscape

Ninewells life is as much about the natural world as it is about the connection with the city. With avenues, footpaths, green spaces plus the wet and dry attenuation ponds, the community‘s environment is a picturesque natural playground. For exploration, relaxation, picnic making or nature watching, it’s a wonderful family environment to enjoy in peace and safety on your doorstep, the views to the open fields and hills beyond making your countryside location ever apparent.

And did you know that Ninewells takes its name from a local nature reserve? Nine Wells, a historically important site containing several chalk springs that formed the source of the Hobson Conduit, once provided Cambridge with its drinking water.

Ninewells Cambridge the landscape

The landscaped environment, with its varied planting, provides the community with a strong sense of its natural context. The existing boundary hedge is a designated City wildlife corridor and you can further develop your relationship with nature by sowing, tending and harvesting fresh vegetables in the Ninewells allotments.*

It’s the perfect balance between the built and natural environment that defines the very spirit of Ninewells. Thoughtfully designed, the verdant communal areas serve many purposes and bring benefit to everyone. It’s an inspirational space to develop a fuller and healthier lifestyle. It’s your running track, it’s your yoga space, it’s your meeting place or it’s your open-air living room.

* Allotments at Ninewells will be available for rent from Cambridge City Council.

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